Delivery and Returns Policy

a) For the registration we need the full name of the applicant, the address as well as the mobile phone number and email. Invoices are sent by email. We do not send any letter post b) As soon as we have received your first payment (registration fee € 20 + course fee for the first four weeks), you will receive the access data for the classroom c) As long as you want to take part in the class, you should transfer the course fee to us every four weeks after receiving the respective invoice. We also accept standing orders, which, however, should be received by us every month of the course (every 4 weeks) and not every calendar month, as the calendar months have 28 - 31 days, but we invoice the same amount every 4 weeks. d) If you are unable to attend a lesson, for whatever reason, we still have to calculate the hour as the time is reserved for you. Via the Telegram communication bot, we offer the option of asking the teacher to reschedule the appointment in advance, but the teacher is not obliged to do so and is often not able to offer an alternative due to the tight schedule. If an appointment is to be postponed, it must be ensured that an alternative appointment is found in the same week. Otherwise, the lessons are automatically marked as received and billed. In short: If the teacher cannot or does not want to offer an alternative date in the same week, the lesson will be marked as received and billed. e) If you fail to show up for class, the teacher will wait at most half of the planned class time. Then he/she leaves the classroom and the lesson is calculated as received f) If the teacher is absent, please take a screenshot of the classroom showing the date, time and title of the meeting, as this is the only way to ensure that you have been waiting in the correct room. Without a screenshot, we still have to calculate the lessons in case of doubt g) Exams and recordings of lessons may not be disseminated or shared with third parties h) Books and teaching material may only be distributed or shared with third parties under certain circumstances and after consultation with the Academy i) Regarding the exams in Arabic lessons: As soon as you have finished with the subject matter of a level, you have the opportunity to prepare for the exam for a week. Normal lessons are canceled on the day of the exam, but are calculated as one lesson because the exam has to be prepared and corrected. You will receive the exam by email, have 3 days to write it and should have completed it within 2 hours of opening it and then send it back to us by email. j) If you do not want to receive any more lessons, we ask you to inform customer service in advance by email / WhatsApp / Telegram. Attention: The teacher has nothing to do with dismissals or financial matters. Cancellations and questions about prices and other concerns should therefore never be clarified via the Telegram communication bot, but only with customer service or accounting. As long as the customer service does not receive a written cancellation from you by email, WhatsApp or Telegram, we will invoice all lessons, regardless of whether you have participated or not. k) The month of tuition paid in advance is non-refundable. However, if you have already paid several months in advance, you will receive the fee for all lessons that go beyond the current teaching month. l) Please do not exchange any personal contact information (email, social media accounts, telephone numbers, Skype names, etc.) with the teacher. All lesson-related matters can be clarified via the Telegram communication bot, and the HA and teaching material can be exchanged without the need for further contact details from the teacher m) By paying the registration fee or the monthly course fee, you automatically confirm that you agree to our terms and conditions and that you adhere to them These provisions are an amaana before Allah. Unfortunately, we cannot forgive violations and will claim this amaana on the day of resurrection Status: 08/22/2021


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